COVID-19 - Antigen rapid Tests Combo COVID and Flu (Influenza)

COVID-19 - Antigen rapid Tests Combo COVID and Flu (Influenza)

Although the RT-qPCR technique is the official technique for the diagnosis of COVID-19, there are other methods available such as serological tests, rapid salivary tests and antigenic tests.
Antigenic tests are the most recent tests developed for the diagnosis of COVID-19. They are rapid tests designed to detect antigens of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, i.e. proteins present on the surface of the virus. The test is performed on a nasopharyngeal swab specimen as in the RT-qPCR tests. However, although the sensitivity of antigenic tests is lower than for RT-qPCR tests, they have the advantage of being faster (15-30 minutes) and less expensive. In addition, like serological tests, they do not require any special equipment.
Antigen rapid tests are based on the principle of immuno-chromatography as are serological tests. Antibodies directed against the SARS-Cov-2 virus antigens (usually the nucleocapsid protein or N protein) will detect the virus in the nasopharyngeal sample. A positive result with an antigen test will need to be confirmed by an RT-qPCR test.

We offer a test to test for both CoV-2 SARS antigens for the diagnosis of COVID-19 and Influenza virus strains (A+B) for the diagnosis of influenza. As the symptoms of these 2 diseases are quite similar, it is important to be able to distinguish COVID-19 patients from influenza patients in order to adapt treatment.

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